Thoughts from Alumni & Parents

"I was in a good learning environment where I was able to express my creativity and able to receive one on one help."

"Over the school year, I actually woke up looking forward to going to school. MSP is not however, an ordinary school. The hands-on materials really help students to not just know, but understand what they are being taught. At Montessori, everyone knows everyone. There is a strong sense of community that I don’t think is really there at any other school. I am proud to be able to say that I was a part of this school!"

“Montessori taught me to think outside the box.”  (2004 Graduate)

“The ability to learn and do work at my own speed is an aspect of Montessori that has had a huge impact on my life.  Also, I was very influenced by the patience the teachers had with each individual child.”  (1997 Graduate)

“From a young age, the morals and values taught at Montessori helped mold me into who I am today.  Along with academics, Montessori also taught me how to be kind, fair, and caring.”  (2004 Graduate)

“MSP gave me a great deal of self-motivation.  I have found that I now enjoy organizing my time and completing each task I have.  Montessori also helped me better communicate with others and allowed me to express my feelings in a calm manner.”  (2006 Graduate)

A parent of two alumni students now in high school had this to share:
“My observation is that MSP teachers did an excellent job preparing our kids for high school.
Both of mine are in/went in honors and AP classes.  Both have had many of the same lessons in public school as 9th graders that MSP reviewed/taught them as 7th graders.
When my daughter was faced with bigger classrooms and the different teaching styles, we went back to problem solving, as in, “what can you do about it?”.  She is doing the same thing she did at MSP:  take the next step towards independent learning and be pro-active in finding solutions.

In several of my children’s classes, other kids have asked, “How’d you know that?”  They answer, “I’ve had it before in my old school.”

“The individual attention and genuine care our children have been given at MSP have exceeded every expectation. Our high school daughter was superbly prepared and is excelling in every way!”

“Our four children have all been educated at MSP. The family atmosphere and real concern for our children have helped them become wonderful and successful young adults.”

“Montessori has been more than just a school for my children for the past eight years. Teachers and staff have been resourceful and devoted, but they have also been mentors, life coaches, and like family members to us.”


Many times the question is raised about how students adapt to high school after being in a smaller environment at MSP with the Montessori style of teaching.

Here is feedback from students about their transitions:

  • The high academic standards at MSP were very important in preparing me for high school and for the future.
  • High school is different from MSP because it’s so much bigger, but it’s good and I felt prepared.  Socially it’s interesting, because you have the chance to interact with so many more people since it’s a larger school.
  • I believe I am independent, mostly because I can work by myself and not need other people’s help with direction. I am socially responsible because if I step on someone’s foot, I’m going to say I made a mistake and apologize.
  • I know that because of the education I received at MSP, I will be able to go and do whatever I want in life (academically speaking). I am sure that I have been given the education I need to achieve anything I set my mind to!
  • I think that I was prepared for high school, upon completing the MSP program.  MSP taught me many skills I will need in life, not only in academics, but also in general.
  • “Thanks MSP and Middle School, high school is great! One of the first days, we did diagramming sentences in English class and everyone was like “What the heck?” and I was like “BOOM, I know how to do this!” (2012 Graduate)

Further thoughts from alumni currently in high school, in college, or in the working world:

  • Montessori, with its honest and good values, has made me in turn an honest and good person and I have used that to become someone to be proud of and this has helped me in my line of non-profit work with teens.
  • During community service at MSP, I learned that it is important to help people. Also, the joy that you see on people’s face when you help them is an amazing feeling.
  • Montessori education is innovative in any century and upholds ideals that are timeless and right.
  • “At MSP everything is based on integrity, so young people are trusted and we are allowed to establish ourselves as mature, responsible people. We are not viewed as number, but are addressed as individuals in a community.”

In 2004, ABC’s Barbara Walters asked Larry Page and Sergey Brin about the secret to their success. Both Mr. Page and Mr. Brin had college professors for parents. She wondered if that familial connection to learning played into their success. They said no. Their parents helped, but really their Montessori education was the key. Brin and Page specifically pointed to the curriculum of self-directed learning – where students follow their interests and decide for themselves what they want to learn.

In her book “Julia Child and Company,” Ms. Child says that Montessori learning taught her to love working with her hands.

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