Elementary/Middle Dress Code

Following is the dress code policy for the 2020-2021 school year. The dress code policy is mandatory. Student dress and personal grooming are primarily the responsibility of students and parents.

Students are expected to come to school and school- sponsored activities and events clean, neat, and appropriately attired. Doing so demonstrates a respect for self, others, and school policy.

Our intentions are to create and foster a safe, orderly academic setting in which students and teachers are not distracted in their academic endeavors. Parental support is vital to achieving this goal. Please help by giving us your support in making sure your child(ren) are in dress code when they come to school or school sponsored events. We expect and appreciate your cooperation in enforcing this changed policy. Student dress is applicable during school hours and during school sponsored events.

Students whose personal attire or grooming does not adhere to the dress code and/or distracts the attention of other students or teachers from school work or which may be hazardous to themselves or to others in the course of school and school-sponsored activities shall be required to change into acceptable attire . (The school reserves the right to make the final decision on what is acceptable at school or school sponsored events.)

The following are the dress code requirements:

  • Pants, skirts and shorts shall be worn properly fastened so that the waistband is not below the top of the hip bone.
  • Leggings must be worn with tops that are at least mid-thigh in length
  • In the Upper Elementary and Middle School levels, the hem or slit of skirts, shorts, or dresses shall be worn no shorter than one inch below the fingertips.
  • At the Lower Elementary level, the hem or slit of skirts, shorts, or dresses shall be worn no shorter than mid-thigh.
  • Shirts, t-shirts, and blouses shall be of appropriate size and length to cover the waistband while sitting or standing.
  • Caps, hats, hoods, scarves, and other head coverings shall not be worn in any building, except those worn for religious or medical purposes.
  • Overalls or any bibbed garment may be worn with an appropriate shirt or blouse underneath, and all straps and buttons shall be securely fastened.
  • Tennis shoes (or a shoe similar to a tennis shoe) are required to participate in physical education and/or playtime.

The following clothing items may NOT be worn:

  • Unnatural hair colorings, styles, or cuts
  • Clothing or accessories that reference the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or violence;
  • Clothing or accessories associated with any form of discrimination;
  • Clothing exposing the torso or upper thighs such as see-through garments, spaghetti straps, mini-skirts, mini-dresses, halters, backless dresses or shirts, tube tops, or bare midriff outfits;
  • Visible undergarments;
  • Undergarments worn as outer garments; nightwear/loungewear/pajamas;
  • Footwear that is deemed hazardous or dangerous to the health and safety of students or others, such as bedroom slippers, or cleats (The classroom teacher may further designate the footwear that is permissible under the dress code policy.)
  • Clothing that exposes private body areas;
  • Garments that have rips or holes;
  • Articles of clothing, jewelry, buttons, haircuts, tattoos, markings, body piercing, or other attire that is disruptive, offensive, suggestive, or indecent or considered a safety issue;
  • Sunglasses worn inside the building; or other inappropriate or disruptive items as determined by classroom teachers.

The following exceptions to the dress code shall be permitted when:

  • A student may wear a costume or special clothing necessary for a school play or other school-sponsored activity as permitted by the classroom teacher.
  • A student may wear clothing in the intended manner of a nationally recognized youth organization, i.e., Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, on regular meeting days.

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