Wait Pool FAQs

At MSP, we understand that being placed in a wait pool can be challenging for families.  We sincerely appreciate your commitment and dedication to attending MSP and hope to make the wait pool process as stress-free as possible for you.

A wait pool is a group of highly qualified, mission-appropriate families seeking admission to MSP.  We operate on a rolling admissions process and therefore continue to receive and process applications year-round.  While wait lists are thought of as a vertical, ranking system based on “first come, first served”, our wait pool is a horizontal “pool”, in which we determine admission by the following policy:

Wait Pool Policy

In the case that the classroom that you are applying for is full, you will be placed in our wait pool.  Moving out of the wait pool will be determined by an opening becoming available within the classroom AND by the following considerations:

    • Is either parent of the child currently working at MSP?
    • Does the child have any current siblings attending MSP?
    • Does the child have any siblings who attend other schools?
    • Does the child have any previous Montessori experience and/or any previous experience with MSP?
    • Is the family an MSP alumni family?
    • Does the family believe in the Montessori method of education?
    • Is the family aligned with the MSP commitment statement?
    • What schedule is the family requesting for their child?

Upon completing your tour and subsequent child visit and being established as a family committed to MSP, you may then choose to join our wait pool.  The fee is $100.

Based on your desired start date and age of your child, our admissions office will contact you when a position becomes available.  At that time, you will be asked to bring your child back to school to meet the teachers and see the classroom.


MSP opens re-enrollment to current families in January.  Any available spaces remaining in our classrooms will then be offered to individual wait pool families, prior to opening them to the public.  The admissions office will start reaching out by phone to wait pool families in mid-February to offer any openings, if applicable.  Once you are contacted with an invitation to register, you will have 24 hours to enroll (including your registration fee payment).  If an opening is not available for your child, you will remain in the wait pool.  The office will contact you with that information.

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