The Montessori Method

What we need is a world full of miracles, like the miracle of seeing the young child seeking work and independence, and manifesting a wealth of enthusiasm and love.

-Maria Montessori

A Montessori school is a school that embraces the educational philosophy and methodology developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900's. The first woman physician to graduate from the University of Rome, Dr. Montessori (1870-1952) developed the method of education that bears her name and is based on her scientific observations of how children develop and learn.  Maria Montessori believed that education should be an aid to life.

Montessori education emphasizes internal (self) motivation.  Every classroom is a beautifully prepared environment geared to the needs of each age group.  Specially designed Montessori materials are used to maximize children's time in the classroom and teachers present carefully demonstrated lessons.  Introduction of new lessons is tailored to the individual needs and interests of children.

The Montessori method of education has been successful for students with diverse abilities and age ranges.  The Montessori Method emphasizes respect for each child as a unique individual.  Teachers and parents are viewed as guardians and protectors of the child's right to develop his or her potential in a nurturing physical and social environment.

The principle of respect is integral in Montessori classrooms.  This includes respect for the child, between children, for individual and cultural differences, for teachers and parents, and for the environment.

Children in a Montessori classroom are active participants in their learning.  Some of the primary outcomes that can be expected from giving your child a Montessori education are:  Academic preparation, intrinsic motivation, social responsibility, autonomy, confidence, competence, creativity and originality of thought, and emotional awareness.

Montessori Schools have offered innovative programs that help children grow and learn for more than 100 years.

The Montessori approach to education differs in many ways from traditional educational systems.  See a side by side comparison here.

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Historic Maria Montessori portrait

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