Entry Level

Ages 2-3


The Entry North and South programs serve as a bridge between home and school. We help children develop fine and gross motor skills, oral language abilities and self-care skills, all of which help them grow toward independence.  Children are exposed to Spanish, sign language, art, and music.

In an environment rich with proven Montessori learning materials, children are invited to touch, turn, twist and take apart things that stimulate their minds and develop concentration and coordination.  Children interact socially and life moves at the child’s pace, supported by a team of caring professionals who gently guide and encourage these young explorers.

Program Options

  • 5 days per week: Mon–Fri


  • Half Day: 8:00–11:30
  • Full Day: 8:00–2:30
    (Early dismissal Fridays at 11:30)
  • Extended Care: 7:00–5:30


Toddler Montessori student working on a stacking activity

12th Avenue Campus

Admissions Office
Toddlers, Entry Level, Preschool/Kindergarten

  • 1010 N. 12th Avenue, Suite 138
    Pensacola, FL 32501

  • 850-469-8138

Montessori Drive East Campus

Business Office
Preschool/Kindergarten Lower Elementary

  • 4100 Montessori Drive
    Pensacola, FL 32504

  • 850-433-4155

Montessori Drive West Campus

Upper Elementary & Middle School

  • 4101 Montessori Drive
    Pensacola, FL 32504

  • 850-433-4155

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